Monday, 26 March 2012

right so quite a busy day all in all... got 9 blocks of a new quilt made and I have to say I,m not a fan of "blockie" quilts per se but this one I really liked.

I;ve been doing this .... linky .... pray it works ...noyt got the hang of this yet ....!/2011/04/japanese-x-and-scrappy-quilt-tutorial.html
ofgs ..... look for Japanese x and + block.. it;s in here somewhere ...
and going through my "scraps" hahahah who am I kidding hoard would be right ..

I have offered scraps up to everyone on Sew WHat on FB and will send a chunk to people as I progress through my stash bee adventrues... this means it will go to good homes... it also means I have more room for my stuff .

I am not a see a design go buy the fabric I am defo more a buy the fabric store the fabric and use the fabric when the right pattern comes along . SOmetimes it doesn't . Sometimes you jsut have to mad scrap sometimes you have to let it go . Sometimes it has to go the long walk .. it doesn't go , fit , it doesn't please you .. whatever or someone else will truly get more pleasure from it .

SO if you get a wodge of fabric in yr block bag or some other mystery way .... then enjoy ... I want to let this fabric fly free ... free... free....... yeah defo time for my "special medicines"

Night all .. I must go tuck in my UK TKSUK Champion!

Love and tin cups XX Raven

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