Thursday, 1 March 2012

Greetings mt ittle blog hoppers!  Well today was another day at a very very busy clinic which seemed to take forever and go very slowly .

I have managed to bond some batik to some double sided .... without too much trouble... I,m waiting for it to jump out and bite me . YPu this applique hang up is really getting my knickers in a tangle and I suppose this is the perfect opportunity to get over this pysch hurdle.

I have my lovely week off next week and I am anticipating a lot of clearing the decks. THe big grey will be finished ,  the Japanese orange aqua and lime  will be quilted  and bound and the Gees bend will be sent out ! ( SILENT CHEER!)

I am about to et the blocks done for the BGW quilt . Very dear friend is getting married in AUgust after finally finding the man of his dreams and we are delighted to see them making a lifetime commitment to each other. As a result I am making the Big Gay Wedding quilt . A glorious melange of blues, purples, dark greens and pale aquas. Working in a central block theme  these will be made in 4 large blocks of 9 9 inch blocks.... so each quadrant will be .... about 24 inches wide .. plus sashing .... so the finished event will be around 60 inches square....

THe debate is whether it goes out to a Long arm quilting professional or I do it myself. I am a great believer in farm to fork .... so I design it , cut it , sew it , prep it quilt it bind it . I am jsut not sure what to do on this one. Maybe my confidence has wavered a bit . Self doubt is a bugger !

Good news my blood pressure is almost "normal" 124/79 !! Wohhhhooooo . Hey for the most stressed woman in the world that;s pretty good . I was starting to wonder if I was a tad elelvated ... stress , weight , not getting as much exercise as usual however I have a very low starting rate .. at under 21 mine was average base of 120/60 and at almost 6ft tall  well .. standing up can get a bit flakey.
I can work on getting my weigth and blood pressure down over the next 6months . However that means not sewing as much LOL . Maybe I can trade 5 mons sewing for 5 mins on the bike ...and maybe up my swimming time too .

I am super keen to get my next set of blocks so I might sit down and do some sample blocks to keep myself amused. IT will also gie me an opportunity to think about my turn in the    STASH BEE !

Tommorow is Herman feeding day . Who the heck is Herman  I can hear you ask .... Herman is a sourdough style cake .... it comes in a jar and youfeed it and mix it and stir it and add stuff as per the "instructions"  I say instructions as it recommmends to "stir Herman well" well in my house Herman gets a right pasting ! Nothing l ike beating the l iving daylights out of your "cake" Herman certainly seems fairly "lively" so it will be interesting to see what it tastes like . And anyway .... Herman will contain "fruit" so it;s healthy !

Sleep well my little beasties!
Love RAven XXX

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