Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bonsoir mes amis . ... well that;s as French as it;s going to get ... DH is off to Switzerland very VERY early in the morning and I will not be up to wave him off .  3 days of larking around on the LHC in CERN  with a group of students... nah that's not work . OK he has to pack his "back pack backpack .." Dora the Exploiter rides again .  and there we go .

So I get to do all the school runs ... the homework supervision.... as well as the domestic engineering that goes with this house.

I also have the BFGW quilt to kill off . I am hopnig to have a telecon tonight to discuss the quilting styyle ... will it be SIAD  or will we go for something like Stipple or some other stylised quilting pattern . It;s going to be QAYG Quilt as You go .. so the quilt will be divided into 4 sections  and then the front sections will be joined together  and then a special cover put on the back ..

It;s a monster  a Kingsize at least .... well even in it;s raw state it covers our kingsize bed... now I get confused re sizes of beds the US sizing v UK sizing ... UK means at least 6 ft across the bed ... someone will no doubt tell me the US relative size.

I havethe japanese print to look at quilting as well and i think this one will be mainily quilted in invisible thread so as not to spoil the whiteness. maybe the odd line of porange or blue in occassional places but very low key .

I also have to get rid errrrrrr complete and put the edge on that darn GB quilt ... it mustl eave this weekend .

I have had lovely news today as well . A firned has offered to drag me along to the twtisted hteread show in London .... whhhooop whhhoooppp. I love TT shows and look at the quilts etc ... I must resist the temptation of al ltrade stands
I can order asm uch as I like 2 weeks after but not that week  LOL 

So my dear peeps .... I,m away to get my "single parent" grove on ...

Wish me luck !
Love RAVEN xxx

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