Sunday, 15 April 2012

well yes sorry been a tad busy .... more sewing, decorating/repainting our room and 2 lots of 260 miles round trips to drop off and collect DD.  but I have bene hard at it on the sewing machine and made...

friendship braid in ruby
friendship braid double in multi which is going to Mauritius.
baby boy HST super cute cot quilt
cut the Karate quilt
made my Stash bee blocks and sent them
sent 4 fabric care packs to people on the web from Sew What on FB
painted and completed my 2nd surgery
wall hanging for our bedroom
washed my 2 big quilts ( A HUGE JOB )
painted our bedroom
celebrated our 13 th wedding anniversary

so forgive me but there areo nly so many hours in hte day ...
oh yeah and I went to work as well
Pics ot follow when I can  find the little blighters !

I also purchased the 2 Newton Faulkner aLBUIMS  and am most taken . He is playing onthe 14th May in Norwich and I would dearly like to go .! subtle hints over.

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