Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Friendship braid

Friendship braid central panel

a bit of light embroidery

X&+ blocks


  1. Okay, spill, dear, what is going on with that embroidery? What will it become, how and why are you doing it? I need to know- just nosiness, but now I amseeing what you are doing, you have to tell a little more! please?

  2. Hi mamafairy ... the embroidery was a "new skill" I learned when at Twisted thread show at Olympia London earleir in year. THe lady did a quick sit down and learn tutorial and I enjoyed just fiddling around with them . THey tend to go into tiny frames as pictures but could go into cards as nice borthday or mothers day cards. It is something to do when machining is not an option and I need to keep my hands busy. It is all just long stitch and french knots on organza over a loose weave linen type fabric. YOu can go wild as you like with them . I just enjoyed making something minute for once.