Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sometimes life gets in the way of doing stuff. I don;t have a chance to write blurb everyday and quite honestly don;t think you want to hear me whittle on about spaghetti hoops, jam jars, diesel prices, cleaning, decorating, work . now due to severe weather problems at my parents house on the top of the Durham Dales I can;t reach them and our 10yr old on the phone . a small sense of panic has set in and a couple of phone calls have been made to see if we can just make sure they are ok.

So In some ways I am glad I did my sewing earlier today .. I managed to make the central block for a friendship braid quilt top. Now I,m not really a fan of Trad quilting at all . blame it one my childhood horrors of english paper piecing and all that jazz .... this thank goodness is a simple 6 inch by 2 and 1.2 inch strips sewn in braid fashion and then trimmed. I am also not a great fan of old rose designs and old rose colours but that was the brief so all in all it has been one of those ... challenge tops.

I also made my blocks for block swap on Stash bee which identifierd a HUGE gap ( LNMAO ) in my stash of that I do not keep many fabrics with white backgrounds. I keep a lot of solid white but not many with white on white or a high white vis background ... oh dear what shall I do ?? yeah right .

Ideas for the Karate quilt.

SO the blocks are done , the quilt centre is done, I have a shed load of work to do on a wedding quilt before August and a Karate quilt. I am working through  my X &+ blocks .. maybe 2 or 3 a day so as not to get too bored too quickly .

The x & + block

Leo guarding my blocks

My blocks . Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

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