Monday, 9 July 2012


Can we get over 40 people joining as followers I will add a set of ID tags to the giveaway .

OK so you wonder wth do I need ID tags . Well I use mine for marking laundry linen sets eg my bed linen so I have pack A , B, C, D so I keep everything tidy and together and they get used in rotation and don;t wear so much .

These I just pin on the outside of the pillow case or laundry bag I store the linen in . It makes childrens sets a doddle to keep together.

You might have them on suit bags for when you travel so you know which items are in which bag. So many uses so little time.

Over 50 joiners and members

A Machine companion will also go into the giveaway . This is an sewing companion that either sits in front or at the side of the machine for pins and scraps.
It will come with funky pins too.

Over 60 joiners ...

For the final part of my giveaway I will include the pattern for my original quilt as seen on this blog.

I call it bunting and medals but it sort of got called Jumblympics as here in hte UK we have had the Queen's golden Jubilee and the Olympics .

This is an original pattern and I will write out all the components and measurements and suggestions on quilting. This pattern has not been published and is copyrighted so it is a chance ot make something really unique.
 Over 70
Add a hand made XMAS stocking, fancy pins and craft ribbon and some adorable buttons.
Lots and lots to give away.  so Keep the joiners joining and remember ot say who you referred.


  1. I think you are very ambitious, and wish you luck on the numbers game!

  2. Ok,ok...mama fairy sent me here so I will sign up to be a follower BUT you have to return the compliment! Di x

  3. Hello, mammadairy sent me. Have a look at - a good way to 'socialise' and make new friends online. You can also host a linky party with tgiff but we are booked into September now...

  4. LOL at Mama fairy .. ambitious yeahhh thats me.... aim high as one NASA astronaut said to me . He laso said I would have made one hell of a drill Sergent ... cos I cna get people doing what they need ot do with the minimum of messing. .. greetings to my new followers .

  5. nope age is not a problem here .. the more the merrier and the love of sewing quilting and craft. Thats all we ask is that people arel ike minded and happy to contribute positive ideas and comments.