Friday, 13 July 2012

OK so I have been asked a shed  load of questions and I think people might have got the wrong impression about me .
SO here we go so you all know. Remember there might be a test later.
I am 44 I have a daughter aged 10 1/2 heading on 24!  I am married and have been for over 13 years.
I am a podiatrist and I work for a private health company as well as having my own chain of practices along the Norfolk coast.
I own 2 cats a British shorthair pedigree called Bertie and a Maine coon Ped called Leo .

Now for sewing and quilting.

~I first learned to sew on AIDA when I was a kid making my own patterns and stuff. I was taught by my mother and grandmother and when I was 11 my local high school taught all girls how to use a sewing machine and I still have the work I had to do in that class that year.  For my O level in domestic science I made a baby quilt with applique sheep on it .

My mother had a singer machine in a HORN cabinet and used to  make me dresses. My grandmother was a ferocious knitter.

At age 21 I received my mother;s old machine and had terrible trouble with it ( broken tension discs no handbook etc)
My first experience of quilting was ENGLISH PAPER PIECING hence why I loathe it now.

About 4 years ago I started sewing again I had been making curtains and stuff but not really sewing.
3 years ago I made my first new quilt . A strip quilt .  I broke a sewing machine that was finally exchanged for a Bernina 4 months later.

Since then I have spent my time relearning old techniques and learning new ones. I am a quick study  and I pick stuff up really quickly.

So yes I haven't been doing this that long and yes I have made everything and more than you see on these pages. 

People ask how do you find the time ? I make time . I have a husband and daughter who help a lot around the house and we have a good routine that allows everyone time and space to do their thing and keep the house fairly tidy.

I sew in the evenings and weekends. Even 30 mins each day can make a project whip up .

 I will plan a quilt one evening and select fabrics.

I will then measure and cut on another evening.

 I wind all the bobbins for a project in one go so I always have at least 25 pre -wound bobbins ready to slot into the machine as i require them . Bobbins cost less than £1 each so they are a cheap and easy way to keep things moving rapidly.

I change my needle every 2 hours to keep finish sharp and prevent snags.

 I clean my machine at the end of each 4 hours .

I sharpen cutter blades once a fortnight and keep them in a special pack ready for installation and use.

 Right now I have to go and make a bag for my next SWAPPIT so I think it might be a bright wonky star on the front.... so much to do so little time

be strong be brave be honest.
Love RaVEN

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