Saturday, 28 July 2012


Yup only 3 days to go until I do the draw and someone gets a heap of goodies. Remember the more people you refer the more entries you get.
So far there are fat eighths in either blues or oranges from my lovely stash, I tend to be on the generous side as well . THere are labels and buttons, a quilt pattern plus samples to show you how it should look. So the more people you refer and they name you then the more chances you have to win.
BUt ............................. not only will I send this bumper package to one lucky person I will also send a little welcome gift to 3 people who read and comment on the blog.

It;s been a none prodictive week in a lot of ways . Lots of finishing up and the R&W is quilted at lasted, finished embroidered bound and has gone to it;s new home.
I have done some hand quilting and that has been completed and gone to it;s new home too.

But ..................typically , you think yes I;ve cleared the decks but noooooooooooooooooooooooo when you look at yr list of jobs you find the 22 Xmas stocking, the 50th birthday cushion, the VERY complicated  baby quilt from DON:T LOOK NOW  called ANimal ALphabet , A variation on the RED & WHITE in purple and white   it look s like I will be busy a while.

I will keep posting and showing you pictures. I just might be a shade busy.

Enjoy your summer be you travelling, staycationing, cleaning ( me) , redecorating (me as well ) , sewing, (ypu that;ll be me) or going to some fancy wedding ( oh you got me 4 for 4 then !) take heart, take a deep breathe and love what you do and who you are with .

Summer loving had me a blasssssssssssstttttttttttttt

Raven XXX

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  1. I'm the newest follower and I'm reading your blog.