Saturday, 28 July 2012

lovely suppliers thatI have found.   I Love the don;t look now patterns though I don;t enjoy making them ( me and applique you know the boring story)  but I will get this animal alphabet made if it kills me . THe lady I spoke ot on the phone was great and really interested in what MQG do and what quilt work is going on out in the big wide world.

I,m always happy to do promo work ( hint hint ) lol.

The Pied piper    my local shop with more mod choices although 2 other local suppliers are listening to the "need" for Modern fabrics to encourage new sewers.  Wroxham barns quilt shop . Long established and home for many courses by some of the leading educators in quilting . We;re trying to get MQG established and this might be a sample home.  my fav place for cheap wadding .... worth the drive. I do collect for otehr groups in the area to save on postage. See I am really nice .


  1. Did I do it!!!! Did I post correctly. I am trying to sign up. Love love your Blog and being able to see all the talent that you have. :)

  2. yes Bobbie you posted . LOL well done and tank youto MAmafairy for helping me make it happen