Wednesday, 1 August 2012

We have some winners!!!

Well I hope you;ve enjoyed reading about my quilts and family ramblings.
But as promised as close to the end of July as possible. My random number generator ( husband) wads told PICK A NUMBER ! and that came in at ..................... HEATHER!!!!!

Heather wins a cushion cover( pillow) some nice eighths in either orange or blue tones.
Some thread ( LOOOOOOOVELY thread)  and some fancy tags that I am currently remaking.

BUT ALSO  as a bonus for other members and to keep it interesting I have 4 other bods who won a little suprise ... It might be some charm squares or a bag of good sized end pieces from my stash or thread or some fancypins or even a Xmas stocking . You won;t know till you get it !

So Bobby Z
Heartseast 54
T Herin
Maria Kevit

all of you need ot send yr addies to the email ..... you know the wierd one  .

I will be doing another giveaway later in the year so keep reading, keep in touch and enjoy your sewing .

I have a pretty .........hectic week at work hence the low blogging quotient.

RAVen xxx


  1. Wooohooo!! I seriously never win anything online. This is awesome thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Congrats Bobbie and to all the other winners as well.