Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ah my lovelies.... another weekend scoots past and after the emoitional roller coaster of the olympics  it was somewhat anmazing I got anything done and didn't skewer a finger !

So this piece of handquilting was finsished and has gone finally as a cushion cover

The giant toadstool. Gone to germany for my friend GC. Toadstool mad that woman is

Horrrayyy finished and gone !

Now this has become my nemesis! Animal alphabet ! all free motion applique but some of the animals have 17pieces!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!   This has nearly reduced me to tears . It has a trapunto element which means either stuffing or removing some padding tpo add extra texture . It is the very devil and the followingp ics will show you the slow progress. I have now put this away for 1 month as it has annoyed me so much .

Shark attack !


Now I fell in love with pezzy print from Moda when ~I saw them and han kered after them and they were really hardo t get hold of. Finally I found a layer cake at ap rice I was willing to pay
It arrived and I had a moment of rebellion with that Animal alphabet and so now we have ......

fanfare please . 


I don;t know about you but I need a quick project after a long one to give me some sense of accomplishment. YOu just need a "fast fix"  something cute sweet, fun to make and only takes a couple of hours . A quilt can take weeks or even months so you need jsut a small snackette of quilting or sewing ot keep youkeen and so given that I won;t get the animal alphabet done in time for the baby I made this. 8 charm squares  cut into quarters and sewn together and quilted to make.........
 Baby's first XMas stocking
Super cute

As you may know I am a keen member of the Sew what and Sew Swapit and there is usually soemthing suitably silly or hilarious going on . SO ....there we were messing around on facebook and chatting awayand a few things have come to light re language differences . It so resulted in the plendge of sewing alliegence  which is captured here . They are a fairly ligth hearted group and there is a certain amount of leg pulling and taking the mick but it;s all in good fun and not nasty . 

I now have ot deal with my stash bee block which suprizes me as I am normally really keen but this month I have lost my mojo a little. The fabric is now cut and jsut sitting waiting I jsut need to get my backside up into my studio and geto n with it . I am away to a wedding this week so no sewing with my machine. However I am taking my handsewing with me so if there are a few quiet moments whilst we are at the hotel then i can pick it up and keep my hands busy .

So i shall wish you adieu for this week , happy sewing  

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