Friday, 17 August 2012


My love of the pezzie print  is the topic of today's posting .


But first after seeing this great tutorial on SEW MAMA SEW to make a shabbat cover for my friend.

The paper piecing tuturial was simple and clear to follow ( even though I HATE  paper piecing )
This danced up under my machine and will go to it's new home as soon as it is washed and pressed.

 I used the same quilting as the tutorial and I think it is pretty funky .
Now I have a dread of zips but I saw the pattern for this mid zip pouch and thought Hang on by jiminy I can make that... I think maybe mor of my problem is accuracy of placing .
So anyway this is a zip fitted into ONE piece of fabric .
So fast so easy and made within minutes. I then made another in PP

SO here we are the lovely lovely pezzie print .

Made into 12 inch blocks in the same design but a couple of the blocks rotated
make quite a nice variation in the pattern.

This quilt is going to be a keeper . 

 It makes my heart sing .... which may sound odd but it;s jsut so nice .

Anyway out of the scraps I had I made this zippity do dah . and I lvoe it and it now livesi my HUGE handbag holding all my small junk.

Now as a result of my love of pezzy print I convinced some of my partners in crime in So Swapit on facebook to do a PP challenge blok  and I send them 5 charm squares of a selected colour from the pack . They then must make within 1 month a block 12 in sq  to be sent back and made into a Quilt of Valour .

This way we have 12 individual takes on either trad or modern blocks going into a gift for a serviceman injured in conflict .

 Here they are waiting to go to their new creative homes.

Now as part of So Swapit we have a regular make and swap ....
THis is the hint of the table runner I am making . Yes I am evil and yes i am cruel . THis I hope will look fantastic and completely different take on the autumn/halloween theme.

hahahaha yes much fun .
Sadly a lot of my planned work has bene curtailed due to te sudden and sad loss of a family friend.
I will hope to be fully operational very soon.

Love and peace ... RAVEN xxxxxx

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