Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hello I am Rachel and I am a sewing addcit .

Well the last couple of days have merely confirmed that I am a sewing addict

Lying sweltering in bed last nigth the thought crossed my mind that I might be better off sewing  than lying strugglnig to sleep .

I bought a new FULL PRICE book ( unheard of !) about Cathedral window and promptly went to my room and sat and worked it out and am now delighted to say .. I have slayed the fear of CW . Now I jsut need to work on technique.

I know I am an addict because :

I would rather buy needles than clothes/books/home decor/

I would rather buy thread than clothes/books/home decor

I just can't resist a fabric sale sign .

I miss whole sections of films and tv progreammes reading patterns or cutting fabric

my carpets and floors look like Josephs coat of many colours before they are cleaned

most of my clothes have that "extra thread" design element

I rarely venture downstairs until I have set up the machine for the day or I desperately need a cup of tea

quilting books are referred to as "quilt porn" by DH

My garage has a whole stack of great fabric in it as well as my room and it is NEVER EVER Enough 

I lusted after the new BErnina 780 and considered selling my daughter in order to buy it .

I try to stear conversations around to quilting and watch peoples eyes glaze over

I love finding weird little haberdashery wholesalers in far away places and spend hours browsing . ( and spending)

I hate fitting zips but in order to make stuff have realised that I must fight my fear of the zip in order to do a better job .

I use my iron more for quilting than for clothes and have recently invested in a small iron and mini board for my room rather than having to get the big set out and then feel guilty and do the rest of the ironing

I try to see if a weekend away I can realistically take my machine with me

sad sad sad .

Anyway for my latest trick I am making a graphic/geometric print folded project and have so far made 11 of the 18 units it needs . I am hoping to have this completed today but things never really go to plan .

I have to make by Christmas :v

21 Xmas stockings

1 elephant themed cushion

1 sweet 16 in purple quilt

this does not include my swaps and BOM  for STASH BEE HIVE 3   

*sigh*   well off we go .

Please if you do NOTHING else today fellow sewers ...... clean yr machine and change the needle !!!!

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