Sunday, 4 November 2012

November and the curse of the hairy helper

I have 2 hairy helpers.
One Pedigree British shorthair  called Bertie and this bundle of naughtiness
This is Leo.
Maine coon from the Dazzlecats breeding pedigree program
Quilts are his favourite thing to lie on .

As you can see helikes ot snuggle into the quilts .
Everything is a battle . He loves everyone and everyone loves him or s he thinks 

Nothing is sacred and thank goodness for my washingm achine ! 
So naughty ... but so handsome

as you may know I have been busy making a baby layette wel lhere are the burp clothes. These joys catchthe puke before it wrecks your shirt ! worth a fortune

So I encountered this pack of gorgeousness at the ELECTIC MAKER online fabric store ..
This range by Jen Ski is called Mod Centuarty and I added some nice clear solids .
This is slowly coming together . I am going for something simple and clean looking  but giving that funky feeling of the sixties . I wanted ot keep this really simple let the pattern speak and embrace the japanese school of thought of allowing more neutral space .
I went for the simple square in a square style . and I have been very pleased with it so far. I will post more pics as this progresses. 

Now the lovely lovely lovley ladies on sew swapit have been sending my daughter suprise gifts.
These gifts are Xmas ornaments from their states in the USA , Canada and Australia to name a few
and you can see how excited she is . And I mean excited.

 That smile means everything to me . so THANK YOU to my lovely lovely ladies friends I have never and might never meet but have opened their hearts to my child .
It reassures my faith in man kind .

Now I have never been overly keen on English paper piecing those bloody hexagons ............
yeuch ....
but foundation paper piecing  though s shade fiddlyoffers me some fun .
Now I am truly a beginner . so this one didn't go so well  but it got there ... 

So I did this one and rather like it .. so then after a trip to the FAB RIC GUILD  ( <---- shameless advertising )
I made this and others. 

SEXY !  This makes part of a pair  of what will be an Xmas present  

Right so I had a trip to my paretns this week .... thats a long drive and numb bum .
But mum hd this handsome chap in her garden and he nearly came home with me .

 I also went with my friend to the FENT SHOP ... the palce where companies like John Lewis etc get rid of their end of rolls and ranges of fabric. Very nice and I found my new kitchen and bathroom curtain fabric .... an this ...... I am NOT a classic floral person ....  but I know people are so I bough this and have made a series of bags etc for gifts for my more floral friends and family memebers Uncle George will be delighted.

Now Mrs Whaley was soooooooooooooooooo dissappointed  when the
previous sewing machine cover I had on giveaway slipped through her hands....
So I agreed to make another . She likes shadeso f blue and green . So this was done jelly roll race style with spacing. the lovely pebble quilting  and water water waving quilting. 
 I had to make it with an enlarged bell at the right side as Lawanas machine has a larger computer for the machine embroidery drive and so it makes it deeper and wider on the beam end so to speak .
Jokes aside I hope it keeps her machine covered and clean .
Now as you know ................ this is an area I have been practising and developing .
Free motion applique these little birds are going to Doris in the USA . I am busy cutting the flowers for the baby quilt . It will take a few weeks to get done as it is labour intensive as not only does this get appliued but then there is all the quilting infill.
I amlooking at various designs whether to do this as a wholecloth or in 4 sections . ah decisions decisions.

So to do :
needle cases
Xmas stockings
hand sew the binding on charity quilt
send my november Stash bee blocks
Take A LOT of parcels to the post office !
Send my winners prizes.

November.................... month of casseroles, apple crumble, roast potatoes.

Love and Spandex !

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Winner names ...

I decided to break the prizes up so the following people have won.................

1st name out so wins the cushion covers and fabric      Nancy Vogler!

2nd name out was    Bossymama   

3rd name out was  Di    

4th name MELISSA   come on down ...

 please send me yr names and addresses to the following gmail so I can send out your prizes. If I haven't heard from any winners by 11th November then I will put them into the next giveaway.