Monday, 2 September 2013

3 weeks until Tennessee

well it;sbeen a while and a lot has gone on , gone wrong and gone past since June .

THe good stuff has included visiting friends having a little 4 day holiday , experiencing the channel tunnel and doing some sewing.
Sadly I am no nearer getting my quilt frame and the minivan nearly went to the big garage n the sky .

I have done al ot of sewing in between  but typically it get sewn and sent before I evne think to blog about it .
I am finding if I spend time blogging I am NOT sewing and that sort of defeats the blog ... ergo chicken or egg or even sewing and reason to blog ....

A friend is setting up her own shop and so ( I LOATHE it when people on sewing blogs put SEW instead of so... )  I am aiming to provide her with some stock and items to draw in customers etc .
Her previous partner was a bit possessive of who could make and stock what and sadly that enterprize bit the dust.

THe bonus is though that she is now going it alone and doing it HER way noth someone elses way .

The other bonus is I might be going to do some sewing sessions with people as wel las the ones I now do at Pied Piper in Holt .  This has bene a fairly informal relaxed lets see how it goes event to introduce people to machine quilting and free motion applique and free montion quilting.

I really want people to NOT feel tied down by RULES of the quilting police ... there are NO QUILTING POLICE

There are ideas advisories and tips but the only police are usually nit picky stick in the mud people who ................. see now I got cross and you can tell .....


  1. Congrats to your friend with her new shop. It sounds like a very exciting adventure. Never let the 'quilt police' bring you down, do it your way and call it free-styling :)

  2. No 'Quilt Police'. Quilting is for everyone and every style.