Friday, 30 March 2012

Greetings my fellow blog readers and people avoiding doing stuff we should be doing.... yup it;s Friday and that Crunchie feeling is upon us.  After an exhausting and politically fraught week  within the UK  it;s a blessed relief to know that some sewing might be just enough to recharge my batteries.

I am dropping off daughter  to go with grandparents for a 2 week fun filled holiday in the Durham dales where i was brought up  whilst her father and I repaint some parts of the house,m clean like mad, finish off a practice room at one of my surgeries and I go shopping at the fabric guild.

Now it is a case of last but by no means least as this offers me a wonderful opportunity to buy pretty much all my basics for the year.  Plain cottons, wadding, batting stuff a a HUGe discount to local suppliers. Think Joanns but UK style and considerably smaller . 

I have 2 gift quilts to make and this looks like the most likely place to get the fabric for them .
I also need blades, sciissors, thread,,,, you know what we;re like when we get going.

I have made a purchase of THANGLES the system that allows you to make "perfect HST " bring it on . I'll report on how it goes .. a truly honest report . It may be thast a lot of my quilts will results in a whole lot of thangling !

The Japanese X and + continues and I Can only manage 3 blocks per sitting then I get tired, bored, cross so I limit myself to 3 at a time and think that at this rate I will have made all the blocks for my quilt in a month . OK then I have to press them trim them and sew them together but I suspect it will look great . Very loud and lively but lovely.  If i like the result I might do a sample in blues and whites and see how it looks.

I have also sent out a few parcels today of fabric from my "clearance" box. This is either pieces I have left or yardage that just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Sometime you buy stuff and love it and use it ..  other times you buy it and it lurks ... never quite matching anything. Never quite being a part of the action.
Therefore I have released these to people around the world who have farl ess than I . This is not inferior fabric or something I don;t like .. it just needs ot inspire someone else. Sometimes you have to clear some good stuff to find your own really great stuff. Things I like might not work at all for others but I hope they find this useful .

I would normally add this fabric to a charity quilt but it felt wrong to have it lurking ... my next charity quilt is for the local Alzheimer's support group and i might ( hahahahhahahah ) make the X and +  but I have ot see how it goes. It will be raffled off to help raise funds  so it needs to be lovely.

Right I am off to pack with the child and make a shopping list...

Love and peace and the best sausage roll in Cromer .. Cromer a  seaside town in North Norfolk which has a history of crabbing industry and was where Albert Einstein landed after his escape from Nazi Germany in the 1933 ish . His poor treatment in the local internment camp led him to leave the UK and head to the US. You never read about that in the Cromer history .... you wonder why.

But there is an awesome shop that sells sausage rolls ... called the Bistro... they have just enough sage and onion in them ,, pastry not too thick well seasoned ie not to light not too heavy ...  and dare I say it .... better than the fish and chip shop. ( I'll be hung  for that )

so as a paraphrase of the mighty midget demon rocker himself ( Ronnie James Dio) Long Live SAUSAGE ROLL!


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