Monday, 5 March 2012

Binding binding binding and sashing.

OK so I want to make the sashing on the BGWQ look awesome.. heck I;ve spent enough time designing and sorting and if I botch up the sashing it;s going to really annoy me .

 Soooooooooooooooooo smartie pants that I am I thought .... "Lets mitre the sashing"   making the corners triangular ..NOT square... well bite my backside for being a clever clogs.

 I got some old scraps and some"instructions" I use the term loosely as a very sketchy diagram and some one wiffling on a whiny voice does not a set of instructions make in my book.

So I sort of followed the instructions and nope that didn't work and no that didn't work either until I thought ... hang on !     if I was making a garment ( a sack classes asa garment as wel lyou know )
I;d marki this cut it with seam allowance and do it that way .... yup you guessed it ... I worked it out all on my own .

so now I have to of course do this for not only the outer sashing but the inner as well which means ... 2 mitres and a central seam ... now you see why I am kicking myself.   

Well in true Raven sstyle I tyhought of it I want it and so i am going to do it and yes my family might be deaf by the time I finish yelling at it ( not them #)  but it will look better I think .

You might be wondering why go for this effect when everything else is squared.... wel lthat;s the thing ... it;s all going to be too square if I am not careful and I don;t want it TOO square ... does that make sense.

So anyway I am going to go and fit some sashing to another SiaS  ( square in a square) style quilt and see if I can sash that one confidently    .


"The BIG grey "
Gees bend style
SiaS Japanese print
BFGW Quilt
Super scrapper

Lord! Help me!

Take care people it;s rough out there XXX

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