Sunday, 20 May 2012

O so these vids are in 30 secs bursts on how to do STIPPLE type free motion quilting.  This is for a smallish piece that is quite densely packed with quilting and would make a larger piece quite stiff.

There was a significant amount of laughing going on in production  and I have to say that my CAMERAMAN was not helping. Neither was the printer going off on the shelf behind me.
but anyway I hope these help.
I run through prep, feet, needles, machine spped, dogs up or down and technique .
The way to learn this is to practice practice practice. It took me several continuous hours to find my own groove and way of doing it and what I do may not suit you but it is anotehr insight into how it is done. There are lots of great wites and blogs that might give more detail but this might be a bit more low tech intro if you've never FMQ before.

needles and feet 

Much laughing and some muttering ! 

nearly there 

Keep practicing 

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