Tuesday, 1 May 2012

 OK so here we have the latest batch of fun pics from my tiny work bench . FINALLY thejapanese x and +  I reached thep oint where I could noty face another block . I lvoed them but they were eating at my soul and i thought ... this has to end so i decided to settle for a 7 x 6 block system  with a good wide border. in the pic it looks turquiose but it;s a ctually more jade coloured.  This will look totally lovely when quilted .

A now this is part of a scrap bag of MODA  grow with me  range. it is a series of 12 strips jpoined togehter and then quilted onto a light bonded background. the dies are then sewn up and a base stitched into the bag to give it a flat bottom.   It has now got a top binding on it and I msut make the handles and closing . It will make part of a very sweet layette for a baby .

My dirty little secret is out .... following the purchase of early brthday furniture  ie new fancy white bookcase ... I sorted my stash out by colour . Thats a lot of fabric . This does not include my scrap boxes. i of small scvraps and pre cut bits and bobs and the large scraps .... . It also doesn't hold my wadding either.

Now this was naughty .
I called via a local store after a really good morning at work ... and bought a skinny 1/4 of 3 new MODA fabrics .. to these I added some Denise Schmidt I had still lying around , a favourite jade green swirly , a coral pop print that came from connecting thread via a friend  and a stoff basic .... all in all a lovely bag with a almost cubey feel. It has gone on holiday with a fellow quilter holding my wadding stash . I may never see it again ..
 RIght my STASH BEE Hive 3 blocks.

I hit a right panic . OH GOD I don;t have any black .  I was really struggling until I finally scrapped through the bottom of my CS box. THere were the last few scraps of black from a monochrome quilt commission I did last year . I also found some grey toned pieces from a sweetwater charm [pack i bought which led to anotehr interesting discovery .... I bought some fabric the other week on a whim ... loved it and was looking for something to go with it . When I check ed my Sweetwater CP I find lo and behold ... there it is ... I love those sweetwater ladies and their lovely labels and items .

Anyway I digress.... so i sat and thought right quit faffing around woman and get on with it . so I cut the components  and made the wonky stars and then built the rest of the block around them. Since I had cut plenty of pieces I thought well geto n and make anotehr so  here they are .
so these will be trimmed and posted this friday            hope they have ah appy life in a lovely quilt.
tommrow is the start of my full on working week ... so no quilting for 2 days at least but we also have al ong weekend coming so i might be able to get the karate qult for my Daughter;s karate school summer kickass party .... after that we;ll see.
I also have to do the major work on a hexagon english paper pieced project from a cvollegue. that;s going ot take some doing .

unitl later RAVEN XX

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