Tuesday, 29 May 2012

There is a terrific line from The Life of Brian ... go away Brian has been a very naughty boy ... yup I feel  a bit like that.  Well its; my birthday coming up and I decided that having had a really good week at work I would bring forward the innaugrual trip to the Guild in Leicester with Jo and we;d get it over with .

So off we set at 7am Sunday morning and chatted and laughed about stuff and landed in Leicester around 9.30am ... I had warned jo that this place could be either a god send or a nightmare depending on what she needed, wanted, desired and how busy it was.

Meeting up with Kat as well  we got down to some serious shopping. NOw I know full well if I had been out and spent my money on clothes I would not have been happy. I did buy the rest of the years wadding... result. and I bulk bought 505 spray basting product. Well there are several of us who use it and it is nearly £3 a can cheaper than in the shops so we saved nearly £36 .

Then I got busy in the fabric section. I think I was quite calm. I only bought what I really liked or needed( I hearm y husband laughing his head off in the distance at this comment) Yesa couple of significantpatterns for specfic projects buta lot of stash builder as well .
SOme days you just know yr going to need something yellow and spotty. It;s not an easy colour to buy .

Now what I will say is I was the good girl out of the three of us and I bought the least .... spent the least ... see my halo ?? no?? drat!

I think the Guild like it when we visit. The average shopper might think ohhh £50 thats a bit.....
One lady spent just over a hundred....  the terrible triplets spent nearly £1000 !!!!

The car didn't groan so much as creak on the journey home. and I have sequestered myself up in the room of doom to sew the karate quilt, emboiderthe teacher quilt back panels from the kids and get some more done on the wedding quilt.

I love my walking foot. ... just thought I would say. I love a lot of things in my life, my daughter, my husband, my cats , my job, my sewing and my machine and really love wel lthe whole thing. I'm very lucky. I would love a bit more money wouldn't we all , however we;re fine and fairly healthy and we laugh and get on with our lives. ( Dear Lord jsut a little win on the lottery to proive i,m not bad would be really lovely !)

Right I am away to fight with a chevron project.... and put the binding on the karate quilt . See ya!

Love and hugs

Raven XXX

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