Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ahhhh Tuesdays ... you never know what yr going to get and yr never 100% sure that what you get is really what you want ... anyway ... an hour of pain at physio ... plus a good laugh and organising a visit to the Fabric guild at Leicester  so all in all not bad however ..... it also means I have to check out what I need for the next 6 months for wadding cos I,m not doing the journey again this year ( she says hahahahahha who am I kidding)

I have also made my blocks fro my Stash bee and have loaded the photos into Facebook SEW WHAT group .... this is an open group and offers people the chance to show their projects as they complete them  or don;t as may be the case but I have laoded my pics there until I can transfer them onto my laptop and this blog ... technology was supposed to make life easier but instead I find I have so many log ins link in s and emails that quite frankly I can't cope

Let me show you

Home family email
home personal email
work email
blog spot ( here )
Amazon log in ( for buying essentials )
ebay and paypal log ins
Mod quilt guild page manager and log in
MQG leaders log in
phone company log in
now I don;t write stuff down and I am going a shade dollally ticktack . so do you keep the same password andp ray you remember it and no one finds it or do you  make them al ldifferent ??

well there you go I am suffering from overlaod andsomething has to give .....

so I am going to go and pick up DD and bring her home feed her and then take her to training where I can sit for an hour and do some binding and not have to deal with a computer screen . Wish me luck


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