Sunday, 6 May 2012

Righta few requests have been made for the pattern for this bag. yeah this one above his text.  Aby modelled by pur daughter the goon in the beanie and yes it is a Xmas pudding hat. She is a pickle ... such a galloping sense of fun and joy of life yet s serious at times. Ths is the girl whoholds the UK Karate champioship title for Fuku go and team kata in her belt class. Way to go girlie.

These ae 2 of the men in my life.
My husband in the glasses and the poseur in the fur coat .

This is a quilt top that i made this weekend  to provide a quilt to go into a 3 town based regional raffle to raise moeny for a local charity . it;s made with 5 inch sq. and it;s supposed ot look like bunting blowing in the wind.
done in Red white and shades of blue for the jubilee and the olympics .  I;ll show a pic when it is quilted.
 RIGHT you want the pattern forthe sack bottom bag.

you need 16 squares choose yr size  I used 5 inch from my charm square box because i,m lazy .
I choose to do an arm in a different colour  for demonstration . now you are going to sew these into strips of 4 squares... you cna mix them up or keep tem in colour strand ( like wot I did )  or you can hope and pray ... I still have not worked out how they rotate around so colour mixing can be a bit hit and miss and if ou work it outplease pklease tell me .

I also put my least favourite sqaure at the bottom end of the chain and it will end up at the base. put yr fav near the top of the strip

to line the bag you will need the same amount of fabric cut in 4 strips ... so if you use 5 inch squares  tats 20 inches ... so your lining strip will be 19 inches long but 5 inches wide.... you lose 1/4 inch per seam ok so you lose 3/4 inch.
 so you sew the 4 blocks together to give you 4 chains of four .... like this and this .
 NOw for the clever bit ...... you make a square with the 4 bottom blocks . they need to be laid out as per the diagram below. it;s hard to describe so I would follow the picture... think greek windmill  . I sew them in 2 sets .. all of this is jsut straight seams .
 so you sew along here .

sew there and he same for the othe block.

then you join them in the middle. Now I am hoping that the video will lad sooner rather than later ad you can see me putting the rest together.

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