Saturday, 7 April 2012


HAPPY EASTER MY LITTLE SIMNELS ...  right now that is over with ....
Well it;s task a licious over here in Norfolk. We;ve completed my lovely new clinical room in Cromer  "oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"  I hear youi say .. well I hope I do .

We;ve nearly got our bedroom painted ... after having to take a 9 mile detour to get extra paint cos the DIY store was out of OUR COLOUR in OUR FINISH so  ohh bloody hell that means other people have got rooms the same colour as me .. MARK !! we;ve got to paint over it .

Also I have mananged to completed a ruby red quilt in trad style for a work collegues daughter. It has been on the back burner waiting for the right fabric to turn up .  It had to be in old rose tones and ruby reds pinks and some golden tones . ANyway it also had to be trad pattern because the grils room is trad style and my mod stuff would just not go .

So I took a recipe from the lintott book I have  ( Jelly roll quilts ) and made friendship braid . NOw they way they cut it they obviously get far more cuts per strip than me but I JUST DO NOT  have the patience to do lots of cutting. Ack I hate complicated cuts . I always need a new blade and I have to have the table to my self and everyone else is banned from breathing . They may bring me cups of peach tea and sustenance as I require but must NOT talk touch or even emit a CO2 molecule near me .
Cranky pants would be the right term when cutting material . SOme days I jsut love to slice up for a quilt if I am using a JR pattern .

Anyway I disgress ..... stop me if I am boring you ... so I didn't do the fussy cutting they require and just cut 6 inch strips ... sat down got sewing and made ... this ... dahhhdahh ( improvise yr own fanfare )

ANd then today I did the paino key border and the plain borders ... by gum it got close in the final stages and I only had 10 inches of the final red floral spare. it now has to be decided how to quilt this as it is a complicated pattern and over quilting would be a real sin .

I have completeled my blocks for STASH BEE  HIVE 3 ... but packaged them up before I took pics so.............. DOH !

I now have one big wedding quilt to complete and a quilt for ESKA karate club of Norfolk fortheir annual bun fight in AUgust ... joy joy joy ... how to represent karate in quilt form .

I am also in process of making up a block for the Modern Quilt GUild Quilt con .. ( bad choice of names I think )  to see if it makes it into the display ... I doubt it but if you don;t try you don;t win .

right time to tootle off and do something else for a while ... like laundry yeuch .

Don;t eat too many eggs


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