Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday rolls around .. the day after Mother;s day here in the UK and many are unhappy or dissappointed with their gifts... but your gifts are yr children .. I got a cup of tea a trip to the dump and my floors cleaned...

So maybe today's post is about what you have and what you need and not what you want .

There will be some talk of quilting and sewing and I might put up a few pics later but I think today I,m going to write about being grateful.

I have one lovely daughter, one great husband , 2 slightly odd cats, 6 very odd hens, a job, a business, my health although my back is dicky, a roof over my heada computer to play on and a sewingm achine and stash to die for.
We eat daily , we bathe daily, we have good health care, we are not scared, under duress nor worried about life in general and quite frankly are grateful for what we have.
I sew pretty much when I want to on days I don;t work and after the chores are done.

Sadly a number of people complain that Mother;s day did not bring what they wanted ?? errrrr I remember as a child giving my mum a home made card, a small posey of flowers and maybe the worst cup of tea and burnt toast breakfast in bed ever .

Mother;s day is not about champagne , flowers, extravagant meals out, designer dresses and Cartier jewellry ....... or did I miss out on that  ?

My best Motehr;s day gift is some help around the house, not having a list as long as my arm of jobs to do , a cup of good tea is great, and a good hot bath at the end of it all . We "need" very little,

As a sewer and quilter I always have a list of things I desire that I think will make my life more fulfilling like the BErnina 800 series.. looks lovely  but is it worth a new front porch, garage door and garden gate? nope not to me . ( and yes we need a new porch !)

I cheekily puit al ist in my husbands in tray stating the things I like/want/need so it makes it easier for him come birthdays etc.  But when I look atwhat I NEED and what I want .... I could shred the list and make do with what I have as I have more than enough and far more than many .

So today once I have done my jobs and paperwork etc I am going to go to my room and be grateful and make some "grateful gifts"

Peace !  Love Raven xxx

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