Monday, 26 March 2012

Blimey another week gone!
Life is at full throttle and I,m not sure I,m not going to be sick!  A weekend devoted to preparation and competing at the TKUSK National Championships for my 10yr old . Friday night 2 hours training inclu an hour of specialist 1-3 training for her team ( which resulted in gold medal)
Saturday 2 hours training and SUnday a 2 hour road trip ( so not too bad ) and 8 hours waitning for each category . By 6.15 last night we were all weary  ... a bit grumpy and stiff but elated to have 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals ( andshe could have taken the silver in one )

ANyway enough of the pushy mum thing.... well no ! lets cover "pushy mum" If pushy mum means I drive her here and there , pay for it , make her packed lunches, shout encouragement , mop up tears , hug in jubilation then yes I am a pushy mum. If pushy mum means I live my life through my daughter's work and make her life miserable then yyou got the wrong person .though I am sure she will change her mind in 5 years and I will become the mother of a teenager ( nuff said)

SO today I have a couple of appointments and then off to my friend for some afternoon sewing. Not sure what I am going to do .... I have a japanese x and + to work on ... pre cut  so I might make a few of those to see how it goes. I fancy something REALLY bright . Something busy and fun maybe not too minimalistic...

One of my finished is in the wash at the moment before being dispatched and anotehr is packed and ready to go .

I have a pile of cleared out material in my use or lose box so if someone IS reading this and wants some please tell me and I  will send you a pack . Failing that it will go into a bag for DEnise or a scrapy charity quilt. So shout now if you need some.

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