Sunday, 12 January 2014

Holy Crap where did time go ???

Argghhhh !!!

Here we are almost half way through January ! THe last time I posted was November ... what the hell happened???

Well Christmas .... yes ok ..... and New Year .... ok conceded..... but half way ??? ALREADY ????

well as you can imagine I;ve been wel land truly nose to the grind stone with sewing.

We ( talking about myself and others not just myself in the plural ! )  had a beginners class at PIED PIPER in HOLT  on Free motion quilting and drawing/ raw edge applique yesterday .

I plugged the fabulous book by Cheryl for "doodle Quilting"  and we used a new method of practicing drawing.

FOr classes I give everyone a folder to take home with notes and links  including Empress Mills , Schmetz, this page and my pinterest page and links to Leah Davis page on FMQ too .
I also set up some samples for people to have a go with .

This 3 hour class races by and I have to confess I am knackered at the end but the smiles as people learn a new skill is GREAT .

I must confess I am desperate to go onto frame as my wrists are killing me and this might reduce my pain for bigger quilts .

After class I sat and worked on a quilt for Ian who has made his first quilt . Shades of blue.
Simple stipple in the blocks was all that was required to give it a vintage country cottage feel . He is now going to quilt the borders and then join them to the top under Simone's supervision at Pied Piper.

Some of you may know I make samples for the shop as wel land am making raw edge applique pillows with Osnaburgh ( great name ) which inspire people to have a go . We have a Appliue pillow class coming in March I believe  and a Bowl class in late Feb.
If in doubt contact Pied Piper HOLT (UK ) for details .

I also talked myself into cutting a quilt for Maggie and it is for her son;s birthday . In shades of delicate creams and ivory with a lovely panel of a family tree in the centre It should make a beautiful quilt for the family bed.

We are also host to a small dog for a few weeks whilst we find her a home. Sadly Cindy is with us after the rapid decline and demise of her owner whom I have known for several years. I agreed to take the dog and find her the right home rather than her being handed into to one of the UK dog charities who required a "legacy" payment to rehome the dog. Talk about a sick woman being held to ransom.

Cindy looks like she may have found her forever home with a lovely lady called Jackie who has an adorable male dog called Benji. Benji grins at you ! he and Cindy have got to the point of bow play and trotting around together . Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly over the next few weeks to make sure Cindy gets a great home .

Im really annoyed with myself as I have lsot my large box of Schmetz needles ! 100 of them !! wel lthe language was appaulling ! I'll keep you informed if it turns up .

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