Saturday, 10 March 2012


Sorry I tend to get a tad over enthusiastic at times.
OS today so far I have welcomed my husband home and sent him off again within 12 hours!
THe laundry is bouncing round the machine, I;ve cleaned out the hens ( bantams)
cooked breakfast and spoken to my parents 250 miles away ... written up my quilt website and cut a special quilt for a young lady I;ve known since birth who sadly has Cystic Fibrosis and spends a lot of time in Great Ormund Street Hospital ... yup it;s bene busy so far.

I am hopnig to get the quilt top made it;s only a half square triangle (LARGE) with some already made random blocks set between them in shades of light blues... so a bit of artistic license has gone into this and I have used shades of greens and blues and the blocks are a right mish mash but have blues and greens and some copper and bronze type colours so they should lok pretty good.
Hospitals of course are a bit odd re washing these items so she will have to have a 4oz polyester filling and heavily quilted ot hold it in and lets pray the gitsa don;t kill it !

I also must slay the GB style quilt .. it;s been lurking in hte corner like a wet dog .. stinking hte place up and making me feel uncomfortable it needs doing it needs it;s binding and it needs to go this wekend and sitting here isn't doing it LOL

I,m having problems postingp ics as my phone doesn't want to pass them over and synch is being a pig . grrrr .
SO I may have to change my photo method. ie use a proper camera and do it that way.  THe funny thing is ..................................... 15 years ago none of us had any of this .
we didn't BLOG we wrote diaries
We took film based pics and had them processed
We phoned or wrote to friends
We used pen pal groups to make new foreign friends however ...... in 1989 an enterprising young man called Tim Berners Lee working at CERN started it all off and with the help of CERN a load of enhgineers and people at MIT we ended up with the web .

SO why should I mention it well that;s where DH did his PhD and has just spent 3 days . I have bragging rights . He used ot use the office it all started in .

ANyway I am away to my champber of secrets and dark deeds will be done.
Be happy
Love Raven xx

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