Sunday, 15 July 2012

is this how titles work??

HELLO!  Well tickles my ...........feet. I think I found the title bar LMAO .
Right here we are SUnday AGAIN.  I finally have some more photos to show you.
so here goes. It has been busy with child at karate training, a trip to the wholesaler, some sewing and completion of work , a trip to the cinema to see a film, dinner out with friends. I am knackered.

As you know the MQG has QUILT CON in Feb 2013 in AUSTIN TEXAS and sadly I  can not go . The MQG has been holding open auditions for people to submite blocks of 12inches + to go into a quiltthat will be made and quilted by Elizabeth Hartmen from Oh Franson. 

This is my attempt. A palatte of selected and quite challenging colours was part of the requirement and so I thought long and hard as you knw from a previous post.
This little devil consists of pieces 2 cm asnd 3cm in length and then given the 1/4 incvh seam.

It reads Modern Quilt Guild in the visual representation of the dashes and dots of MORSE CODE.

 ~My baby.
Kick ass baby indeed. Works like a demon and is as skinny as a rake. A lovely lovely kid.

Ok this isn't one of mine. This is made by Jo Murphy of Murphy Physio an intense and determined lady who quiltsl ike a demon .We go on sojourns to the Fabric Guild and various quilt shows and talk none stop and spend a fortune.  This was made for her daughter and is beautiful .

Ahhh red and white. Now it is fitting that Jo's quilt appears before this cushion ( pillow cover)  as I had to do a raid on Jo's stash as I was most deficient in red. So I went and raided Jo and sat and made a sample to take to the customer to show them what it would look like.  Needless to say everyone is very happy and the R&W go the green light .  This is all over stippled in monofilament.

Now I have a friend who LOVESSSSSSSSSS just LOOOOOOVESssssssssss Toadstools.
So I saw this in a very old quilting magazine  and thought hmmmm . So I have obtained a copy and it is on it;s way ot her asa birthday gift ... YEs You Mrs GK !

Right the MQG makes a lot of noise ( quite rightly) about neutral space. But I have to say NOTHING IS REALLY NEW.  This magazine was printedi n 1994 and had a liovely example of megatice or neutral space.  I love neutral space and I love to see it work well . My personal love is white . I love that crisp clean calmness that allows those beautiful clours to sing out. I also love grey and blue.

hmmm applique. Not my forte. I,m not sure why . But given I found steam a seam 2 and found that easier to work with than other products and I have an almighy applique quilt to work on this was a messing around attempt . Sadly the quilting on it did not go as I wished  but I learned a lot. Doing things prefectly every time does not provide us with a learning opportunity . Getting it wrong means so much more. What I have notivced is that many patterns are pretty sketchy in their desciptions of how stuff is done . And so I made a promise .

And it is this.  I will provide a sample of how the quilt blocks go together along with my pattern in the giveaway. I am a person who learns from looking and seeing and jsut in case the lucky winner is too .... well you;ll have a chance to see in person .

Ahhh our day at Pensthorpe.  And the best water feature I,ve seen in a while. PArt of me thought  thats a great looking beer cooler ...

And the reason I wanted to go was these little fellows..... RED squirrels. I am 44 and have NEVEr seen one. Loads of the greys but no reds as they have been almpost wiped out . PEnsthorpe has a significant place in the breeding program . Absolutely beautiful.

Something for Mrs GK again . 

Ahhhaaa now you can see me in my work uniform (~ lovely eh!)  and as some rotten cow said ... My Pub curtains . And in my hand .... my swap from Sew swapit a facebook group where we are given an item to make and a swap address. We make and send . I received mine from some nutter ( teasing)  who send me this lovely sewing companion with fancy pins ( I like nice pins)  I was chuffed. 
  My Lovely pins from Lawana.

R&W  check time
HEre it is . Growing a pace . 11 rows of 12 blocks . It;s grown well and I am pleased as is the customer.

This is my newest SWAP IT items. We got "market bag" and so i made it and sent it and the recipient might get it in a couple of weeks via the postal service .

Tags.  I started to make  these and they still have a bit of work to do . I have made a set of 5 . 

Right this one is a quilt as you go monster that is going t be a wedding git for my friend.
The colours represent the sights of their fabulous spouth american holiday

In each central square there are embroidered significant dates ie when they met, became a couple, got engaged and their wedding date.  This has over 400 lines of embroidery  running inside each block you can sort of see the ridges they form. Tis will have a large border about 8 inches wide then attached and then quilted in a similar manor. This is the top half and I am fighting with the lower half as the quilting is a devil . I have less than 20 days to complete this so tomorow I must get on with it. 

This gives you a better idea of the quilting . OK it;s not ground breaking  but it works and works well . 

And to finish ..... Mr Leo. Everywhere I go he follows and yes he is huge and yes he is handsome. 

So keep tellnig yr friends and get them to join for more chances to win loads of lovely lovely stuff.
RaVen xxxxx

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