Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tackling new skills

Tackling new skills.

Ok I am not a great fan stepping out of my comfort zone but today I thought ok well lets have a go . My comfort zone is one many otehrs despair of FMQ. I find it relatively simple once I get in my groove but what am I hopeless at ? Applique.

Typically I have decided to make a baby quilt for a new baby ( duh)  and it;s ALL applique wtf was I thinking ?? OMG I have laid awake at night with palpitations ( that might have bene the curry ) thinking what HAVE I DONE ??

Yup I really have bitten off more than I feel that I can chew . BUt then I decided well shut up and have a go . What am I worrying about ? Messing up ? OK it happens . We all make mistakes . nothing is perfect well except new born babies and tiny kittens and all other tiny helpless things. But I digress.

We al lworry about making mistakes and tbh I am one of the worst but you have to give it a go .
So I bought some super stuff called steam a seam  or similar .. never mind bondaweb this stuff is pretty special . So anyway I made the Koi carp in a circle.... all went ok  all went really great all was very pleasing until............................................. I messed up the quilting LMAO . Ah well so I proved to myself yes I can applique although it will never be my method of choice and yes even I can really screw up the quilting.

Take heart dear followers you will not be the recipient of this item in the giveaway but it willserve to hang on my wall and remember to try something new on a regular basis. !

Photos have not been included to protect the innocent !

Coming home from swimming with 2 energetic 10yr old girls and whipping up a quick cake have left me a tad whirlwinded and I will have to do something simple like make some fancy tags for the give away ... such are my hopes for the blog to take off and  for people across the world to see what is happening both here and around the world for one slightly more flaky than usual quilter.

Mrrrrooooowwwwwww Rowwwwwwww as Mr Weo Leo says

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