Monday, 9 July 2012

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days when you think hmmmmm what;s going on then ?

Yup well today is one of those days . SO ... it starts ( get yr cupa by the way cos this is a bit of a random burble, so imagine sitting with a quilt over yr knees and we;re having a natter ....ready ? .... ok.... stop figetting will you ! good grief . )

So my truck had ot go into repair becuase some lovely gentleman decided his psorrts car should be where my truck was.... needless to say the insurance companies have decided 50-50 and I am not happy but I might as well shut up as it;s not going to get any better.

So there we are at the repair shop at 7.30am.... eyes like hammocks.. somewhat ratty  and the child looking like she has been hedge backwards... Then I take husbands car and drop him off at work and come home to a MOUNTAIN of domestic disaster .. so by 9am I have been on my hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floor ( lets not even go there ) and the MC has decided that he wants to play and is obviously feeling fairly cheeky.

SO finally after feeding child, playing with MC and cleaning floors I set to sorting the conundrum of blogger... it;s not exactly intuitive . Thank you to Mammafairy who is being extremely patient with me and helpnig me not to make such a prawnball of myself in the land of blog... there isn't an instruction book that I can find.

But also lurking in my inbox of my email is an email from some one called EMily ..... now I am sad to say that gray hair and senility are making inroads in my memory and I don;t THINK I know anyone called EMily ... so if I do please accept my apology and remind me how I know you .

Today I am going to my friend DEnise for some afternoon sewing and starting on anotehr quilt to make before XMas and start 21 Xmas stockings for the U6th class my husband is form tutor for . Depsite potentially being the next generation of top notch scientists, legal and political brains ( and some of them are indeed this ) theyl ike nothing better than playing musical chairs (!)  and other games . So as a nod to their last years of innocence I am making them all XMas sytockings to fill with cheap sweets for their last Xmas at school. Last year  we had big 6ft 6 lads in tears as they sang their leaving hymns in cathedral .

I'll post what I chieve as time goes on .

Anyway todays words of wisdom came from anotehr lovely sewist on facebook ( Stephanie Hicks)

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ~Thomas Edison.

We only get good with effort and practice (RAVen xx )

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