Wednesday, 29 February 2012

THe good girl in me was ever so good and got a whole pile of blocks made for Debbe in the end. Well I made the technical bit and now have to do the applique. now ..... the thing is me and applique aren't really suited. I am PANTS at it ! never worked out why
tried doing paper mounted and understitched tried wonder under double sided blue peter fool proof super bondifiso I,ve ironed i;ve cried I 've sworn I've muttered and grumbled thrown them out the window and stomped off to the shop to get some mroe as I run out !

so please please what am i doing wrong ??

am I too keen ? DO I frighten the wonder under with my enthusiasm ? DO I send out bad vibes and make it al lcrinkle and shrivel ?... so this lot I am going to spend 15 mins doing calming breathing exercises maybe some simple meditation , and then I am slowly and maturely going to ...... .. Get my mate Denise to do it form e ! LOL .

Iam hopnig to get into my sewing room tonight however I have ap ile of special paperwork to deal with  and sadly it MUST be done.

I have a week off next week which should be lovely apaprt from a trip to the dentist ( boo hiss) and having to do all the chores for the week ~! hoefully hubby will bring something nice back from his jolly in Swtizerland .... well he;d better !

Peace Love and hotcross buns !  Love RAven XXX

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