Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Today well last night I got my instructions for the block of the mnth to go to Debbie but re -reading I,m not sure of the size .... or am I being dumb. I've cut all my greens ... i have a lot of green but went and raided the batiks at a local store as I had a freebie so it cost me nothing. ( was that naughty )

I needo t set up and go sew but my brain isn't engaging.

I suspect that my head is in the wrong place today as I am worried about my 10yr old who came home yesterday with a significant "scratch" from anotehr girl at school on herface... not a small scratch quite a chunk taken from her cheek. I am livid.

If my daughter says NO! then what gives this kid the right to do something that causes my daughter harm anyway ?
The hick mom in me would go on up there with my shotgun and blast that critter into oblivion. Sadly I constrained by society, laws and reasonable expectations and must now await retribution via a higher power.  You may wonder why I am so.............. infuriated at this seemingly low grade incident however this has been an ongoing issue for nearly 12 mnoths .

Stuff gets stolen, goes missing , turns up magically when it was seemingly lost overthe edge of the planet ( flatearthers!) homework prep time is disrupted, food taken nasty comments made but sadly when the school decides to investigate the littel darling says "oh no I never meant that !"  wel lwhat did you mean ??

So I;ve been smart ..... and Dr Raven has to deal with it !

Right I,m off to sew .....wel lclean my machine and set a new needle and maybe just maybe then I can do some sewing .

Love and Peace XX Raven

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