Monday, 27 February 2012

 OK I,m not a picture person and some people might say I have a face for radio.... but I;ve never been one for photos.  so here you have possibly every acceptable photo taken of me in thel ast 8 years . I did for nearly 3 years a community bag sewing teaching project along with friends ot help reduce plastic bag usage. Sadly a bout of "Musical differences"  took us away from the main project  and we ran until Jan 2012 when funding ran out . Wem ade the press a fair amount as we made quite a difference to our little city .

 Quilt hangers ..... Some people make fancy sleeves some people have funny clips ... I have a pair of disembodied feet ! .

This quilt wasm ade as awedding gift  using a classic style ... never ever ever again . It looked lovely but caused me some headaches and heartaches.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my little poppet .  Bless her she was 4 when this was taken and she is such a sweet girl . Seeing as it;s nearly Easter I couldn't resist . I,m sure that as a now very sophisticated 10 yr old  she'll hate me for this. lol

Now once upon a time I took said small girl to London to see Swan Lake in the round at the Royal Albert Hall and had front seats in the box next to the Royal box ! I also took her for lunch at the Dorchester which was magnificent and a lot cheaper than a rotten pizza and limp salad for the same moeny .
The staff were totally lovely with her  and this is a quick pic of her with the doorman .
Always worht a trip if you are in the UK . She loved it .

NOw you might or might not know this face ... not mine .............................. sigh ................ the gentleman next to me is no other than Apollo Astronaut Charlie Duke  from APollo 16 . He came to Norwich in 2009 to do a speaking engagement for 1000 people via my husbands school and I orgainised all the  backgorund stuff inclding a dinner ofr Charlie at my house . It wash ard work lots of fun and the flowers were great .. I chose my own :) .

yup me again ata public sewing event we organised. full on cheese mode.

Right my eyes are boggling I have a sewing machine to pack and go to my sewing group.

Love Ya! Raven XXX


  1. Wow!!! You crazy girl, now you are adding a blog to your busy life. Love seeing all the photos and reading your stories.
    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Wendy ... it;s a bit manic ! Reading it myself it does come across as full speed ahead to nutsville! hope you enjoy the reading.