Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hiya! Get ready to have fun spotting my typos and errors.

Seeing as I am now a member of a proper sewing bee I thought come on RA Ven get yr act togehter and get blogging.

So here we are after enarly 2 hours of wrestling with various "service providers" !

I am Rachel and I am probably what I would call a keen amateur sewer. I struggle with zips .

I have sewn wedding dresses and christening gowns, household itens eg curtains and cushions ( USA read pillows) shopping bags , repaired morestuff than I can mention, car seat covers, theatre costumes, commercial covers for unusual items but I like quilting.

I am probably a Modern Quilter  but I do delve into trad  on occasion. Sometimes I lose my way and become flustered with all the ideas bouncing round in my head. Some days I lose myself trying to emmulate those designs and quilters Iadmire... then I sit back ............ think "hang on Lassie" and realise that 2 years ago I knew very little re most types of quilting and actually my work was in some ways happier , free-er , fresher, because I wasn't thinking too much and trying to be something I wasn't .

So the first lesson of this blog for me and a message I will hope you take to heart.

"ALWAYS ALWAYS be true to yourself. "

I have joined the  "STASH BEE" Hive number 3 ! Yes Drill Sargent!  This will be a great experience for me to join in with a group of ladies who I hope I can learn from and help make a variety of quilts .

I am also learning how to "BLog" so lord help us all. Things might take a while as I am a shade short on time and prefer to quilt to typing.

So my little wing'ed friends of HIve 3   shall I buzz off and make like a buzybee? OK yeah stop the bad jokes.

Happy Sunday !

Raven  xx

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