Monday, 27 February 2012


Please note that this was all 2011 production. "011 was a bumper year.  THe above blocks and following pics were of a quilt made ot order ( commission) the request was for contempory modern monochrome with just a hint of 2 selected colours. What a job! Eventually I selected
purple and lavender and lime and leaf . Filled with white in the sashing and fmq in the colour blocks . hard work but it looked great when completed.
 it was a slow slow slow project .

so.............. inbetween I did this little fella.  a disappearing 9 patch in riley blake
This was lovely so soft and snuggly that the baby's big sister nicked it so I had ot make anotehr . You';ll find that fuirther down the list.

see it kep on lurking even then .

and still it lurked.

ahhh something to take my mind off it .

This was a sweet one. I had jsut taken delivery of a lovely  pile of fabric from the man at $5 a yard ! and I had a piece of pomegranate gifted by the lovely ladies at so I made this . OK it;s a simple set 9 square but it looked so lovely and fresh.
This lurked as a top in my WIP box as I couldn't let it go  but hen found a home at a fund raiser for Gt Ormund Street Hospital for Sick Children . It looked fabulous with a combo of hand and machine quilting and I hope it helped raise a lot of dosh, moola, wonga !

VERY PATRIOTIC !  a mini JR in Loudin blues .  This went to the baby unit at my local hospital .

SCRAP A RAMA disappearing 9 patch made with a piece from everyhting in my stash . A much loved and hugged quilt belonging now to a neighbours daughter. ALl 3 kids have quilts of varying designs .

ahhhh a leaving gift for a fellow podiatrist made with Sweetwater Sunkissed. I love their stuff . and I have labvels by Sweetwater

DIVINE> I have sneaked in a charm pack of Reunion to make into something for myself. Hence my love of this shop

I can haemorage money like the Greek ecomony in this shop ! Marvellous selction of new and modern fabrics and within 40 mins drive ! LOVE IT .

Half traingle quick quilt made a an XMas gift . FMQ in flowers vines and butterflies. Lovely

Mr Leo helping hold that darn thing down . Jsut as wel lthey love cats too.

Another disappearing 9 patch done in Riley blake to sister the quilt shown earlier . postage stamp setting in the outer rail sashing. Looked adorable . totally adorable .

Ohhhh yes anotehr wonky star ! hello xxxx


This went as a heavily quilted pillow front or wall hanging to a great friend .

Scrap buster jelly roll mad quilt made by my good friend Denise and myself . LKove it love it love it . It;s the kiingfisher blue that help set it all off and so it is called the Kingfisher !

A block buster in pale blue. the blocks came from the same session but amazing how the sashing can make such a difference. I,m sad to say that Denise and I love sewing so much  that we make 25 + blocks in a 3 hour session providing we have cut the ammo first !

ahhh the remake of the orange lime and turquoise.  let ;s see how this one goes

there is a lot more somewhere but I can't find the pics so be grateful . Enjoy and live life loud !
Love Raven xxxxx


  1. Wow Girl, that is a lot of quilts. I would be happy if I could just do a 1/2 of that. How many WIP's do you have? Have a great time at the quilt show, you will have to post of pictures.

  2. Hi Wendy .. I try to only have 2 WIP sitting in the box.. after every long job I do a quickie to keep my morale up . I have 2 quilts in production~ at the moment ... the "Japanese" and the "Brazilian" ... lol. Delighted you like the photos.

  3. Is this where i enter your contest? i love all your quilts

  4. thats a lot of work wish i could do that

  5. oh have a lot of lovely finished quilts:)

  6. I would love to win
    lusizova at

  7. WOW!!!! Beautiful work!! These pics give me a lot of inspiration. Thank you!! I would love to win.

    Amanda Bushong